• Eerie Entry: Prosecuting Attorney (WINNER)
  • Eerie Entry: Parks & Recreation (FINALIST)
  • Eerie Entry: Recorder of Deeds (FINALIST)
  • Eerie Entry: Assessor - 1st Floor
  • Eerie Entry: Assessor - 2nd Floor
  • Eerie Entry: Auditor
  • Eerie Entry: Collector of Revenue
  • Eerie Entry: Communications - Print Shop/Mail Room
  • Eerie Entry: Communications - Public Information
  • Eerie Entry: Communications - Video Production
  • Eerie Entry: Community Development
  • Eerie Entry: County Counselor
  • Eerie Entry: County Counselor 2
  • Eerie Entry: Facilities Management
  • Eerie Entry: Finance
  • Eerie Entry: Human Resources
  • Eerie Entry: Information Systems
  • Eerie Entry: Roads & Traffic
  • Spooky Spaces: Suzanne Harris, Workforce & Business Development (WINNER)
  • Spooky Spaces: Karen Alexander, Prosecuting Attorney (FINALIST)
  • Spooky Spaces: John Dale, Information Systems (FINALIST)
  • Spooky Spaces: Monica Balestreri, Information Systems
  • Spooky Spaces: Barb Bourisaw, Emergency Communications
  • Spooky Spaces: Amie Clermont, Human Resources
  • Spooky Spaces: Shelly Gossett, Human Resources
  • Spooky Spaces: Kelly Grote, Information Systems
  • Spooky Spaces: Kati Henderson, Prosecuting Attorney
  • Spooky Spaces: Vanessa Lauterwasser, Human Resources
  • Spooky Spaces: Stacy Lorenz, Community Development
  • Spooky Spaces: Sandy May, Community Development
  • Spooky Spaces: Lori Myers, Workforce & Business Development
  • Spooky Spaces: Lori Williams, Facilities Management

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