How can I obtain a tax waiver/statement of non-assessment?

A Certificate of Personal Property Non-Assessment may be obtained if you did not own a vehicle in St. Charles County on January 1 of the required tax year. 

  • First Time Personal Property Owners: You will be asked to present one of the following documents: Certificate of Title (properly signed over to you with seller’s signature, purchaser’s signature and date of sale), Application for Missouri Title and License (DOR Form 108), Bill of Sale signed by both seller and purchaser with complete vehicle description (including VIN) and the date of sale. 
  • New Missouri Residents: You will be asked to present the title or current out of state registration for your vehicle(s). 
  • New St. Charles County Residents (from another Missouri county): If you did not reside in St. Charles County on January 1 of the required tax year, you will need to obtain your certificate of non-assessment from the appropriate county. Please contact your former County Assessor's Office for information. 
  • Military Personnel: Certificates of Personal Property Non-Assessment are no longer issued for military personnel. If your permanent home of record is not Missouri, you will register your vehicles by presenting a current LES (Leave and Earnings Statement) showing the current state of residency at any Missouri Department of Revenue License Office. Active Duty military personnel, who maintain Missouri as their permanent home of record, and whose LES shows that state taxes are paid to Missouri, are responsible for paying personal property taxes in this state. You will be asked to complete the appropriate assessment forms and pay taxes for any property owned on January 1 of the tax year. 
  • Leased Vehicles: You will be asked to present a copy of your lease agreement or vehicle registration renewal notice. 

You may submit your documentation in person, via fax to 636-949-7434 or by email to When submitting via fax or email, please include your mailing address, physical address (if different), and address on January 1 of the prior two years if you were a Missouri resident.

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1. How can I obtain a tax waiver/statement of non-assessment?
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