Are food service inspection reports made public?

Yes. The establishment’s last inspection must be posted in a prominent location, so that it may be viewed by the public. In addition, Missouri’s Sunshine Law states that all inspections are a matter of public record and can be viewed by anyone. The Department of Community Health and the Environment publishes these findings at Know the Score and distributes them to local media as requested. In addition, many other documents (applications, ownership information, etc.) are a matter of public record as well. Individuals and organizations wishing to view these documents via Sunshine Law request should contact the division at 636-949-1800.

To recognize that food service facilities in St. Charles County place a high importance on customer health and safety, the Division of Environmental Health and Protection established its 24 Carrot Food Safety Excellence Award program in 2007. While all licensed establishments within the county meet necessary requirements to protect the ones they serve, these awards recognize the many organizations that exceed those standards.

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