How can I contact an inmate / detainee?

The St. Charles County Department of Corrections (SCCDOC) adult detention facility will not forward incoming phone calls in to an inmate / detainee or take messages for inmates / detainees. Phones are available for inmates / detainees to use, in all housing areas. The SCCDOC contracts with the private phone service, PayTel, that handles all SCCDOC inmate / detainee phone services.
 Inmates / detainees are allowed to talk for 15-minute increments, after 15 minutes the phone call will be terminated. You may contact Pay Tel at 800-729-8355 or online at PayTel to set up an account or to have a number blocked. You may also block a number by listening to the PayTel recording when someone calls you from the facility and then follow the appropriate prompt when announced. 

Using JailATM, you may also send the detainee a message, which they will be able to access using the tablets or kiosks in their housing units. Contact JailATM and set up an account for yourself, if you would like to utilize this feature.

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