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Sep 30

[ARCHIVED] County Services to Keep Your Family Safe & Healthy

The original item was published from September 30, 2015 5:41 PM to September 30, 2015 5:52 PM

We are fortunate in St. Charles County to have a safe community and to be one of the healthiest counties in Missouri. Did you know that county departments, from the Police to the Recorder of Deeds to Health, offer a variety of services you can utilize to keep your family safe and healthy? I encourage you to take a closer look:

Extra Patrol/Vacation Checks - The St. Charles County Police Department provides extra patrol and vacation checks to residents and business owners of unincorporated St. Charles County at no cost. Officers will perform random checks on your residence, business, or provide increased patrols to a particular area due to increased traffic problems as patrol time allows. To sign up, simply complete an online form. If you live in an incorporated municipality, contact your police department to see if they provide a similar service.

Property Fraud Alerts – The St. Charles County Recorder of Deeds offers a free notification system for property owners to register for property fraud alerts. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, property and mortgage fraud is one of the fastest growing white collar crimes in America - and it is as simple as an individual recording a fake document in the Recorders’ office, making it appear that they own your property. For more information and a link to register, visit the Recorder of Deeds website.

CareTrak – If you have a loved one who has a medical diagnosis that may cause them to become disoriented or confused or wander away, Care Trak can help provide peace of mind. The St. Charles County Police Department, in cooperation with the Department of Community Health and the Environment, administers the program. Care Trak is a telemetry tracking system that can locate lost individuals who are wearing specially-designed, waterproof wrist transmitters. Should an individual registered with St. Charles County’s Care Trak program wander away or become lost, their caregiver would call 911 and notify the dispatcher of their participation in the program. Responders would then begin tracking the individual’s specific transmitter frequency (from as far as one mile away on the ground and five miles from the air). Check out the Care Trak page on the county’s website for more details and an application.

Public Health and Environmental Services – In addition to Care Trak, the county’s Department of Community Health and the Environment provides a wide range of services to keep your family healthy, from low-cost immunizations and health education classes to restaurant inspection ratings and neighborhood mosquito control programs. Visit their department website to learn more.