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Jun 26

Be Safe in Work Zones

Posted on June 26, 2019 at 11:04 AM by County Council

Summer is here, which means road construction, repairs, striping and more are in full swing throughout St. Charles County. While we are all excited to get out and enjoy the warmer weather, driving recklessly through road work zones can have deadly consequences. Driving safely and being aware of road projects will keep us all safe.

Safety Tips

Human mistakes and distractions are a definite or probable cause of approximately 94 percent of crashes. The Missouri Department of Transportation offers these tips to help us do our part in keeping each other safe:

  • Be aware that work zones take on many forms—from construction of new roads to filling potholes and mowing medians. Any type of work requires motorists to stay alert.

  • Follow the speed limit posted in work zones. The lower speed limits are designed to keep you and construction workers safe. There are often hefty fines for speeding through these zones.

  • Pay attention to traffic flow in work zones. Be aware that traffic can slow or stop unexpectedly during road construction projects. Be prepared to slow down and brake.

  • If able, change lanes when approaching work zones to provide room between your vehicle and construction workers.

Additionally, the St. Charles County Highway Department encourages motorists to pay extra attention on rural roads throughout our community that have curves and hills. Throughout summer, the department will be conducting asphalt sealing and overlay work, as well as cutting grass on the sides of the roads.

Road Projects In Progress and Upcoming

Below are some of the major road projects in progress or scheduled in our community this summer:

In progress: