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Health eTips is produced by the staff of the St. Charles County Department of Public Health. The department consists of three divisions - Environmental Health and Protection, Health Services and Humane Services - that provide a wide range of services focused on enhancing the well-being of this community.

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May 03

Pet Grooming

Posted on May 3, 2018 at 12:27 PM by Doug Bolnick


Grooming Video
Regular grooming does more than just clean your pet. Bathing, brushing and clipping helps:
  • Promote good health for the animal.
  • Promote good health for the owner by removing allergens.
  • Build the bond between an owner and the animal.
  • Check the animal for anything unusual that may require further investigation by a veterinarian.

Unless your dog or cat has gotten into something extremely dirty or smelly, you should be able to get by with periodic bathing and routine grooming. In fact, bathing your pet too often can dry out the skin and rob the coat of vital nutrients. Brushing your dog or cat every few days instead of bathing will help remove hair mats, control shedding and distribute beneficial oils. Clipping nails every few weeks will make it more comfortable for your dog or cat and reduce opportunities for disasters with carpet and furniture. It’s also recommended to brush your pet’s teeth regularly to prevent plaque build-up and prevent disease.
dog nail clipping

Keep Comfortable

To help make the grooming experience more comfortable for your dog or cat, start slowly and early. When they’re puppies or kittens, show the animal a brush to become familiar with the smell and softly touch sensitive areas like ears, paws and face. Start with short sessions and reward good behaviors to increase positive experiences. Once your pet is ready for more, expand the routine.

Consider Professional Help

For those who do not wish to bathe and care for their animals themselves, several experienced groomers operate throughout St. Charles County. Here are a few suggestions for finding the right groomer for your dog or cat:
  • Seek a recommendation from your veterinarian, neighbors and friends.
  • Visit the facility without your pet — checking for cleanliness and a knowledgeable, friendly staff.
  • Evaluate the total cost of the experience and compare it to your budget. Recognize that most animals require grooming several times a year.
  • Acclimate your pet to the grooming experience and the facility before leaving your dog or cat for the first time.
  • Talk to the groomer and alert him/her to any special needs or wants. When you find the facility that works best for you, become a regular customer.

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For additional Health eTips throughout the year, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.