Mar 03

Supporting Our Department of Corrections

Posted on March 3, 2023 at 10:00 AM by County Council

There’s no way around it: Being a corrections officer is a tough job. These jobs are often overlooked as an option for someone pursuing a career in public safety and law enforcement because of the nature of their responsibilities.

Another thing there’s no way around: It takes a special kind of person to fill that role, and to fill it with integrity and honor day after day.

That’s why I’m taking a moment to express my gratitude for our Correctional Officers and Correctional Peace Officers at the St. Charles County Department of Corrections (SCCDOC). In my 26 years of experience serving as a judge, I have seen the important part they play in our justice system. Their dedication to that part is vital to our region and in ensuring justice is served with the attention and care, before and after those imprisoned see a courtroom.

The team we have at the Department of Corrections is committed to serving with excellence. Because of that, our officers are serving overtime and doing whatever they can to fill in the gaps caused by staffing shortages. SCCDOC Director Dan Keen tells me that right now, in February 2023, the SCCDOC is down a total of 44 officers, or about 37 percent. This is not a new challenge, and as those positions are left unfilled, the strain on our current team remains as they continue to face that challenge head on.

In addition to the staffing concerns, approximately 41 percent of the inmate population is on some type of psychotropic medication. Further, 68 percent of the inmate population suffer from a form of substance abuse. With our staffing needs, coupled with the increase in mental health and substance abuse concerns from the inmate population, our officers are wearing many hats to meet the needs of today’s incarcerated individuals.  

The good news is the SCCDOC is dedicated to protecting the public and serving inmates to approach their mental health and substance abuse needs, and provide constructive and rehabilitative services to help reduce recidivism. Ongoing training and professional development, and recent updates to critical areas in the SCCDOC facility—such as booking and medical space—make that easier for our staff.

The job is never done, and we need more help. Are you the right fit? If you are, or if you know someone who might be, visit to view available positions with the SCCDOC—from corrections officers to food service workers, nurses and office staff.

To our Corrections staff: You are appreciated and critical to the public safety of St. Charles County!

Sep 02

Amenities to Enjoy at Riverside Landing

Posted on September 2, 2022 at 5:16 PM by County Council

I’m so excited that the County park in my district – District 6 – has become popular with boaters and campers! Riverside Landing is located at the confluence of Dardenne Creek and the Mississippi River and is the perfect spot for launching your choice of watercraft for recreational boating, fishing, kayaking or canoeing. It’s also a great place to camp!

The St. Charles County Parks Department has done a tremendous job with this park, and Parks Director Ryan Graham tells me the number of visitors is increasing and the park is becoming extremely popular.  Since May, the park has had 530 visitors either camping or renting watercraft! In August alone, 94 rented canoes or kayaks and 91 used the park’s camping facilities!

The boat ramp, with a nearby scenic overlook plaza, provides free access to the Mississippi and the Dardenne and serves as an entry point to the newly opened Dardenne Creek Blueway – the first phase of a five-phase Blueway plan for St. Charles County. Kayaks and canoes can be rented at the iPaddle Station located in the park and taken for a 3.5-mile ride from Riverside Landing to 370 Lakeside Park in St. Peters. 

The Parks Department has added amenities for those who love the out-of-doors. Parking is available for 59 boat trailers, and the 7.73-acre park has 13 large and five small campsites with electrical hookups and a dump station for RV sanitary lines. A playground for kids recently was completed.

I was at the park in May when the Blueway opened and had the opportunity to tour the waterway, so I can attest to the beauty and peacefulness of this park and its surroundings. Check it out! You’ll be glad you did!

For more information and directions, visit

Mar 04

Recognizing Service in the Community

Posted on March 4, 2022 at 2:10 PM by County Council

Demonstrating the importance of serving your community should start at an early age, and thankfully, we have seen numerous examples of young citizens giving back to and investing in St. Charles County. One such example the Council had the opportunity to recognize recently is Dustin Whitman, a member of Boy Scout Troop 351.

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