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Choosing your pet through the Pet Adoption Center can offer an outstanding value. Our adoption fee includes a health examination, initial vaccinations, spay or neuter service, temperament education, a County License tag, and microchipping - services that are not always included when adopting elsewhere. You must complete an Adoption Application to adopt any animal from the Pet Adoption Center.

Although the Division of Humane Services staff will work with interested adoptees to connect them with the perfect animal, we are unable to guarantee or reserve the availability for any specific animal until an adoption application is completed and the interested individual completes an in-person visit with the animal.

Please Be Aware - All adoption applications must be completed and approved at least 30 minutes prior to the posted closing time (at least 60 minutes prior on Wednesdays) to allow for processing of the animal.

For assistance, please email us or call 636-949-7387.

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Photo collage of dog breeds, all ages and sizes of dogsAside from being among the cutest and most loyal animals in the world, dogs bring a lifetime of joy and laughter to their families. Whether you're seeking a playful pup, a dynamic dog or a mature mutt, we have the right canine for your home.

The cost to adopt dogs or puppies is $60 per animal.

Click HERE to view photos and learn more about the dogs we have available for adoption.

To view videos of these and other pets, please view our Humane Touch YouTube page.