Pet Adoptions

Choosing a new dog, cat or other animal from the Pet Adoption Center is a decision that will affect your family for the next 10-20 years and will bring you tremendous joy. Because this is such an important decision and there are many animals to choose between, our staff will gladly help you make an informed decision when considering our adoptable pets. In addition to the information offered on these pages, please take the time to interact with your prospective pet at our facility before your take him or her home.

family in park with dog

Please be aware: Although the Division of Humane Services staff will work with interested adoptees to connect them with the perfect animal, we are unable to guarantee or reserve the availability for any specific animal until an adoption application is completed and the interested individual completes an in-person visit with the animal.

Once you are ready, complete our adoption application and contact the Pet Adoption Center by email or phone (636-949-7387) for information on visiting our available animals.

Research Your Ideal Pet

Adopting a pet through the Pet Adoption Center is a trouble-free process, made even easier by the helpful staff. The first step in the process is to do a little research to determine what type of animal you’d like to consider. Once at the shelter, you will take a look at all the animals that are immediately available. Please know that there are many to choose from, so come at a time you won’t feel rushed.

Our adoptable pets

Meet the Pet

If you plan on adopting through the Pet Adoption Center, you will want to bring along your children so that they may interact with the animal as well. If you have concerns about the pet you currently have at home getting along with a new animal, we can make arrangements for your current pet to interact with the one you are considering as well. 


The adoption fee at the Pet Adoption Center is:

Cats and Kittens$60
Dogs and Puppies$60
Rabbits and Ferrets$30
"Pocket Pets" (gerbils, hamsters or rats)$5

*This fee includes initial vaccinations, spay/neuter service, microchipping and more.