Pet Adoption Center

PetAdoptionCenterThe St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center opened in November 1999 as the home to the Division of Humane Services. Since that opening, the division has been dedicated toward improving the lives of animals in our community by:

  • Sheltering and adopting animals into loving, forever homes.
  • Working with prospective owners to enhance animal welfare.
  • Reuniting lost pets with their owners.
  • Enforcing St. Charles County's Animal Control Ordinance.
  • Fostering community engagement with the Pet Adoption Center.

Open Admissions Shelter

The St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center is an Open Admissions Shelter, which means that we accept authorized stray animals regardless of their adoptability. Owner-relinquished pets are individually assessed based on current shelter resources at the time of surrender. All stray dogs and cats are required by law to be held for a minimum of five business days, and 10 business days if the animal has identification. Once that legal hold time has been satisfied, we make all healthy, behaviorally sound animals available for adoption.

Time Limit

We do not give adoptable animals a time limit. We make them available for as long as we have space, and as long as they remain physically and mentally healthy. We also work with other area shelters and rescue groups, and have a very active foster parent program, which helps us to place more animals - including those with special needs.