With St. Charles County’s population expanding and new subdivisions built in areas that were once uninhabited, there is a good chance that you may encounter wild creatures in and around your home. Please remember that these animals are not tame and may harm you or your pet.

Encounters or Bites

If you encounter a wild animal, please leave it alone and call for assistance. If a wild animal has bitten a human or domesticated animal, please wash the bite location thoroughly, obtain any necessary medical treatment and contact St. Charles County Animal Control by phone at 636-949-7387.


By keeping your home, yard, and garden less attractive to wildlife, you can go a long way to minimizing the problem of nuisance animals. However, you may also contact the Missouri Department of Conservation or other wildlife-removal agencies for assistance in managing problem wildlife.

The Division of Humane Services does not assist with the trapping, collection, or removal of wild animals.