Humane Division

About Us

The Division of Humane Services promotes the health, safety and welfare of animals and people in St. Charles County. The division operates the Pet Adoption Center, which offers dogs, cats and other animals of all ages, sizes and colors for adoption into loving homes. To ensure proper treatment of animals and to protect St. Charles County residents, the division is responsible for enforcing the St. Charles County Animal Control Ordinance. In addition, staff works to reunite missing pets with their owners and offers assistance to those seeking help in raising their pets.


Available Pets

  1. Pet Adoptions
    Choosing an animal from the Pet Adoption Center offers a great value...More

Animal Control

  1. Animal Control
    Investigating animal welfare and community concerns... More

Lost/Found Pets

  1. Lost and found
    Help reunite lost or missing pets with their loving families... More


  1. Volunteers and Donations
    Support from donations and volunteers is greatly appreciated... More

Public Programs

  1. Community Programs
    Join or support programs that improve pets in our community...More

Pet Fostering

  1. Foster Programs
    Provide quality care to animals awaiting adoption... More

Helpful Resources

  1. Licenses and Reports
    Read recent reports, download applications and learn more about us...More

Animal Care

  1. Animal Care
    Responsible owners care for their pets and other animals...More