Environmental Division

The Division of Environmental Health and Protection monitors organizations that affect the health and safety of consumers and works to preserve, protect and promote our community's natural resources. In collaboration with local, state and federal agencies, the division:

  • Partners with food preparation facilities, local lodging establishments, day care centers, body art studios, solid waste management, public swimming and fitness centers and tanning businesses to ensure safe practices.
  • Consults with businesses in these regulated industries to review and investigate consumer complaints and to institute corrective actions for public hazards in the marketplace.
  • Provides appropriate treatment to reduce health risks from disease-carrying insects and other creatures.
  • Processes a wide variety of recyclable materials at little or no cost to residents.
  • Monitors the quality and availability of natural resources.

Please use our online portal to Submit a Complaint or call the Division of Environmental Health and Protection at 636-949-1800 if you have concerns with any of the issues listed above. Although the division may not have direct oversight over the issue, we will direct you to the appropriate agency whenever possible.