Hideaway Harbor Park

About the Park


Hideaway Harbor Park is a 49-acre riverside park, featuring spectacular views of the Mississippi River and the scenic Alton bluffs.

With two free public boat ramps to access the river, it's become a very popular site for many fishermen and recreational boaters year round. The park contains a variety of historic and natural features and was part of a flood buy-out, opening to the public in May 2002. The park's natural wetlands and forested areas are also visually inspiring.

In addition to the Mississippi River, Hideaway Harbor Park also features Weber Lake, a 12-acre lake with a spacious fishing dock that is ADA accessible for easy access.

Bald Eagle Winter Watch

Birders also delight in the close-up views of the wildlife, including the American Bald Eagles that roost in and around the park each winter. Through spotting scopes and binoculars, spectators have a chance to see Bald Eagles nesting along the mighty Mississippi River or possibly witness spectacular views of these majestic birds in flight as they feed off the open river waters.


From St. Charles take Highway 94 north to Grafton Ferry Road.
Turn left on Grafton Ferry Road.
Continue on Grafton Ferry Road to Portage Road.
Turn right on Portage Road.
Follow Portage Road to Sioux Drive.
Turn left on to Sioux Drive.
Follow Sioux Drive to the entrance of the park.