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  • If you need to visit our offices in the County Administration Building in person, please note: 
    • You will need to check in at a QLess electronic kiosk in the first floor lobby of the Administration Building to join a virtual queue for our office to receive services. QLess also is accessible on a computer using a web browser or mobile device through the free QLess app. After checking in, you will be directed to a service window or a staff member will meet you in the lobby for services. 
    • To access our office on the 3rd floor, visitors must check in at the Security Desk to receive a visitor badge, and be accompanied by a staff member.

For further questions, call our department at 636-949-7507. Thank you.

About Us

The Recorder of Deeds Office records and preserves a diverse collection of documents mostly pertaining to real estate filed in St. Charles County for public record. The Recorder's Office accepts walk-ins, mail and electronic recordings. For more information, contact the land records division at 636-949-7507 or email the Recorder of Deeds Office

Research Land Records

The Recorder of Deeds offers Tapestry and Laredo as options for 24-hour access to St. Charles County land records. Tapestry is designed for the occasional user and charges per search. Laredo is a subscription-based search site that offers free prints for the user who consistently searches documents in St. Charles County. The Recorder of Deeds Office also offers free searching on the third floor of the Administration Building during office hours. Any prints in the research room are $1 per page.

In-Office Recording Requirements

Due to legal liability, the Recorder of Deeds Office does not provide recording document forms, notary services or legal advice. All documents submitted must meet the recording requirements and be complete. Please bring a stamped, self-addressed envelope or the office will provide a standard envelope and postage for $1 to return the deed via mail. Documents also may be picked up in person at the Recorder's office. Any documents not claimed after 30 days will be destroyed.

The Recorder of Deeds accepts paper and mylar plats and surveys. Once the document has been recorded and microfilmed, the customer is contacted to pick up the original document.

Certificate of Value (COV)

Any deed or instrument transferring title of real estate presented to the Recorder of Deeds for recordation must be accompanied with a Certificate of Value. The Certificate of Value is transmitted and retained by the Assessor for reference. A copy of the filed certificate is returned to the grantee.

Copy Request of Recorded Documents

For questions on how to obtain a copy of a document recorded in the St. Charles County Recorder of Deeds Office, contact the Recorder’s copy center at 636-949-7509.

If you are requesting a copy of a lot, it shows only the lot number, property lines and dimensions; it does NOT show any structures.

Property Fraud Alert

Property Fraud Alert is a free electronic notification service that alerts subscribers via email when a document matching their personal name or business name is recorded in St. Charles County. 

This service does not prevent fraud, but provides an early warning system to allow subscribers to take appropriate action. 

When signing up for Property Fraud Alert, please note how the Recorder of Deeds indexes trusts. For example:

  • John and Jane Doe Family Trust - Select "Personal" and enter first and last name.
  • Doe Family Trust - Select "Business/Trust" and enter Doe Family.

If you receive an alert:

  • A document has been recorded within the last 48 hours that matches your personal name or business name.
  • The alert provides you with an instrument number.
  • For assistance, please contact the Recorder’s office at 636-949-7505 to verify the property is yours.
  • If you suspect you are a victim of fraud, contact law enforcement.

To change or cancel your Property Fraud Alert subscription, call 877-794-8980.

Additional Information