Garnishment / Execution Exemption Claim


A garnishment is issued by the court to collect monies owed on a debt after judgment has been granted in favor of the plaintiff. This document can be in the form of a wage or bank account garnishment, which orders the garnishee (your employer / bank representative) to begin the collection of monies to pay the debt.

Execution Exemption Claim

General executions order the seizing of your personal or real property, after a judgment has been granted in favor of the plaintiff. Your property is then sold by the Sheriff conducting a sale allowing interested bidders to bid for the property.

Certain property is exempt under statute; please refer to Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMO) 513.430 and 513.440. Missouri Supreme Court Rule 76.075 allows a debtor to claim exemption generally within 20 days after service has been completed.

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