Identity Theft

Identity theft is a classification type of fraud, which can be both civil and/or criminal in nature. The Police Department is responsible for investigating criminal offenses which occur in unincorporated St. Charles County. Depending on where the transactions occurred, and/or where the victim resides, determines the court that will have the jurisdiction for prosecution.

The Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMO) 570.223 states the definition and elements of identity theft.

Income Tax Identity Theft

Please note, if you are a victim of identity theft concerning your income tax, you will have to complete Form 14039 (PDF) and contact the Internal Revenue Service.  You are not required to submit a police report with your Form 14039.

Actions to Take After Financial Information Stolen

If you believe your identity and/or financial information has been compromised or stolen, please take the following actions immediately:

  • Notify your financial institution(s) for the affected accounts. The financial institutions have procedures for victims to follow. This can include completing affidavits disputing the fraudulent transactions, closing the affected account, and opening a new account.
  • Notify this department through our In-House Officer to file a police report. Please review and complete the Identity Theft Victim's Packet (PDF).
  • Obtain a copy of your credit report. Many times when a financial victim discovers they have a fraudulent transaction on an account and they look further into their additional accounts and credit report history, it reveals other fraudulent accounts or transactions. The following links may be helpful with obtaining credit history information:
  • If you discover fraudulent accounts, notify the financial institutions where these accounts originated.
  • Keep copies of all bank and account statements, checks, credit card receipts, bills, and invoices, and letters from creditors.
  • Don't give up, remain diligent and keep detailed records of your contacts with different financial institutions, law enforcement, and credit reporting bureaus. Continue to monitor your financial accounts.

Victim Rights