Civil Process


The Sheriff is legally required to maintain a Civil Process Division. The Civil Process Division is commanded by a lieutenant. A sergeant supervises the commissioned deputies who are assigned the duty of process service. A civilian supervisor oversees a support staff of record clerks.


The primary duty of this division is service of court documents within the boundaries of St. Charles County. Recoupment payments are also collected by this office.

Some of the various types of court documents processed include:

All documents are served pursuant to the laws governing service of process within the state of Missouri, which can be found in Rules of Civil Procedure - Rule 54.


In order to be accepted for service, documents issued by the court must have a court seal and signature of the court clerk or judge. Documents may be sent or brought to our office in order to be processed. Pursuant to Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMO) 57.280 the Sheriff is authorized fees for service of process. This office requires prepayment.