Bureau of Operational Support


This bureau is comprised of:

  • Community Resource Division: The Community Resource Division is primarily focused on building strong community-police relationships and community outreach. it is comprised of the School Resource Officer,  S.T.A.R.T., and Honor Guard units and is also responsible for the Citizen Police Academy, Neighborhood Watch, and Chaplain programs.
  • St. Charles County Law Enforcement Training Center: The Training Center is staffed by commissioned instructors who oversee the facility’s daily operations and provide advanced skill-based training programs for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Training programs include the Firearms Training Program, In-Service Training, outside agency training, and department-hosted training. 
  • Metro Air Support UnitThe Metro Air Support Unit is a multi-jurisdictional unit that provides helicopter patrol and search and rescue services to citizens of the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Learn more here