New Subdivision Streets

Streets constructed as part of new subdivisions can be either public or private. Private streets are maintained by the property owners of that particular subdivision and are typically not open to use by the general public. Because they are not open to use by the general public, no public tax dollars can be spent to maintain those streets. Public streets, which are open to use by the general public, are maintained by the County Highway Department.


As new subdivision streets are constructed, they are inspected by representatives of the County Highway Department to ensure they are built to the required standards for public streets since tax dollars will be spent to maintain them. This includes inspection of the type of materials, thickness of pavements, grade and curvature of the streets, pipe sizes, etc. This inspection ensures a quality product is provided to prospective homeowners.

However, until those streets pass a final inspection and are officially accepted by the St. Charles County Council, the developer of the subdivision is responsible for them. This includes all street and storm sewer repairs, and snow removal during winter storms.  

Information or questions about homes in any particular subdivision should be directed to the St. Charles County Community Development Department at 636-949-1814.

Accepting Streets

Once all infrastructure for a new subdivision (curbs, streets, drainage structures, signage, etc.) is completed, the County Highway Department conducts a final inspection of the improvements. Following the repair of any noted problems found during that inspection, the developer can petition the County Council for acceptance of those streets.

If the Council agrees the streets were built to proper standards and are in an acceptable condition, they will approve acceptance of those streets and they officially become public. From that point on, they are maintained by the County Highway Department.