Working in County Right-of-Way

All public streets are located on what is known as public right-of-way. This is property under control of St. Charles County (or other local governing agency) for the purpose of maintaining the streets and related improvements like drainage structures and signs.

Special Use Permits

Anyone contemplating work on the public right-of-way, whether it be a construction company, a utility or an individual property owner, must first obtain a Special Use Permit. This is a requirement of state statute and is necessary to ensure that no damage is done to public property that might have to be repaired using public tax dollars.

All work performed in County right-of-way must conform with the established design criteria and construction specifications.

For additional information on the process and cost of acquiring a Special Use Permit, please refer to the summary of requirements (PDF) and/or contact the Highway Department by email or phone at 636-949-7305.

Additional Information

Per County ordinance, property owners are required to mow and keep in good condition any grassed area within the right-of-way abutting their property.

No improvements, other than driveways or mailboxes, should be placed in public right-of-way items such as landscaping, sprinkler heads or fences are not permitted in the right-of-way and they will not be replaced if they are damaged as a result of work done by the County.