Report Fraud

Fraud can occur when these conditions are present:

  • Opportunity - Circumstances can exist that allow fraud. For example, there could be an absence of controls, ineffective controls or the ability to override controls that can provide an opportunity for fraud to be perpetrated.
  • Rationalization/Attitude - Those involved in fraud rationalize a fraudulent act as being consistent with their personal code of ethics. Some individuals possess an attitude, character or set of ethical values that allows them to knowingly and intentionally commit a dishonest act.
  • Incentive/Pressure - Management or other employees may have an incentive or be under pressure, which provides a motivation to commit fraud.

Do you have knowledge of fraud, waste or abuse of county resources? Report fraud to the County Auditor online or by contacting our confidential hotline at 636-949-7526. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is not for reporting police matters. If you need to file a police report, please call the St. Charles County Police Department at 636-949-3000. If you need to report identity theft, click here for more information.

The confidential hotline provides an avenue for citizens, including government employees, to report suspected financial improprieties, waste of public funds or resources, and/or constructive suggestions for improving county government. The hotline is for reporting issues involving St. Charles County Government operations, and does not investigate matters related to other political subdivisions or local businesses. It is not to be used for general complaints or personal issues.

The confidential hotline is operated by the County Auditor's Office. Access to the messages is limited to individuals specifically authorized by the County Auditor. Calls to the confidential hotline are anonymous; caller ID is not used. If you do desire to provide your name and contact information, the County Auditor's Office will make every effort to keep this information confidential.

Information to Provide When Calling

When contacting the confidential hotline, please be as specific as possible. You should have the following information available when you call:

  • Circumstances of the incident
  • County department and subjects involved
  • Any evidence that is available, and any credible witnesses
  • Dates, times, names and/or places available