Blueways are defined as a network of approved and branded multi-activity recreational trails and sites closely linked with the water and often linked with access to other activities and experiences. The Dardenne Creek Blueway consists of a 5-phase plan, of which Phases I and 2 have already opened. The St. Charles County Parks Department plans to also create the Big Creek Blueway, which will connect Indian Camp Creek and Flatwoods parks through Big Creek and the Cuivre River, or about 12.3 miles. Staff are in the process of designing a canoe/kayak landing for Indian Camp Creek along the Big Creek and have constructed a landing at Flatwoods Park on the Cuivre River. The City of Wentzville Parks and Recreation Department is developing an access point along Big Creek at Mette Road on property owned by the city.

Protecting Our Blueways

Approximately 1,300 miles of streams, including the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and our developing blueways, flow through St. Charles County. These waterways provide drinking water resources, floodwater pathways, wildlife habitat, and numerous recreational and economic opportunities. Our community’s waters are teeming with life and pass through diverse, beautiful habitat along the river corridor that is home to deer, turkeys, foxes, hundreds of different migratory birds and songbirds, and other animals. Beyond the banks, we work, play, learn, build, buy groceries, wash cars, and more. Many daily activities affect water quality, locally and far downstream. As a result, part of the responsibility of protecting streams lies with the residents of St. Charles County.

Dardenne Creek Blueway

Phase I and 2 of the Dardenne Creek Blueway offers not only the waterway, but access to other amenities at Riverside Landing, 370 Lakeside Park and Lone Wolff Park. The third phase of the Blueway will go from Jack Gettemeyer Park in St. Peters to Lone Wolff Park; the fourth phase from O’Fallon Sports Park to Jack Gettemeyer Park; and the final phase is from Bluebird Meadow Park in Dardenne Prairie to O’Fallon Sports Park. The Dardenne Creek Blueway, when complete, will be approximately 19 miles.

Dardenne Creek Blueway Brochure (PDF)

Parks Map-Blueways-Dardenne Creek - Mileage P2 Update3