Operations and Support Services

The Operations and Support Services Division provides administrative, financial and budgetary services for the department as a whole. Operations and Support Services personnel work hand-in-hand with the Custody and Security Division to coordinate the services and day-to-day functions of the department.

Commissary Services

Commissary provides the inmates/detainees the opportunity to make personal purchases of a variety of items using personal funds. Although the St. Charles County Department of Corrections (SCCDOC) provides every incarcerated individual with regular meal services and basic items to maintain good personal hygiene (deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream and safety razor), inmates/detainees having personal funds in their account may choose to purchase other items, including:

  • Cookies, cakes and candies
  • Coffee/tea/cocoa
  • Chips and other snack items
  • Name brand soaps, toothpaste, shampoos or conditioners
  • Radios, headphones
  • Paper, pens and stamped envelopes

Food Services

The Food Services Section is responsible for providing nutritious and well-balanced meals for the inmates/detainees in the care and custody of the SCCDOC, as well as for juveniles in the custody of Juvenile Justice Services.

Food Services prepares more than 400,000 meals annually. The Food Services Section produces high quality meals for routine meal service, and meets the needs of those with special diets associated with identified medical needs or recognized religious faiths.

Programs Section

Caseworkers are responsible for coordinating a variety of services and programs designed to address the more individual needs of inmates/detainees in the custody of the SCCDOC. Programs available include:

  • Religious services: Materials and holiday service programming, the Volunteer Ministers Program is open to clergy members who wish to volunteer their time for one hour on Sundays and are approved to minister in the facility. Contact the Programs Coordinator for an application form at 636-949-3003, ext. 4409.
  • Baptism services: Available if the ministry requests the ceremony based on inmate/detainee interest
  • Pastoral visits: Special clergy visits are allowed with proper authorization. A request form must be submitted for each visit.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings: AA meetings are held two times a month. Volunteers from community AA groups facilitate these meetings. Each volunteer is carefully screened before the final approval to participate.
  • Special visits
  • Notary public services: Provided to inmates/detainees at no charge