Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure 2021

St. Charles County is investing in technology and smart infrastructure to prepare for future growth. Since 2011, the County has spent $16.5 million from the County’s ½-cent Transportation Sales Tax, $11 million of which has been reimbursed with federal grants. 

Gateway Green Light

The Gateway Green Light program includes 233 miles of optic cable, 221 high-definition cameras, 112 Bluetooth travel time detectors, 220 traffic count data stations, and 354 interconnected traffic signals.

Connected Vehicle Technology Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I)

V2I is a technology provides motorists with real-time information needed to improve traffic flow. Implemented in 2019, the County and Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) are conducting a pilot program with Traffic Technology Services (TTS) that offers access to Time-to-Green and Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory information with subscription.

Smart Parking

Have you ever had trouble finding a parking space? Help is coming in 2022 to a 30-block area in downtown St. Charles. This project will deploy “smart” infrastructure to monitor alert motorists to available parking spaces. An app and dynamic signage guides drivers to spaces.

Real-Time Data Exchange and Warehouse

When implemented, this web- and app-based tool will provide the public with access to real-time traffic information, including crash information and work zones. Additionally, it will provide municipalities and agencies with quick traffic tabulations for operations, planning, and performance management of data collected from differing and otherwise not compatible platforms. Plans are to implement in 2022.

Smart Work Zone App

This project will provide contractors access to a mobile application connected to central servers which allow for real-time work zone updates from contractors to motorists. This technology will streamline communications from job site to public, and function to enhance the safety of both onsite workers and the traveling public.

Emergency Vehicle Preemption

This project will help first responders reach their destinations faster and safer. On-board equipment in fire trucks and ambulances will communicate to traffic signals throughout the County based on the route, time of day, and other information. Signals will adjust to provide a green light for approaching first responders and move traffic queues through the signal in front of the emergency vehicle.

Ride the Trolley App

The City of St. Charles offers a real-time trolley and bus tracker that was implemented in 2018. The app is available through Google Play or the Apple Store by searching Ride Saint Charles.