Low Cost Animal Programs

Photo of tan dog in a yardSpay/Neuter Program

To help qualifying pet owners who are in need of a spay or neuter service for their dog or cat, the Division of Humane Services offers a Low-Cost Spay/Neuter program. Operated once a month at the Pet Adoption Center, the program includes the alteration surgery, a rabies vaccination (if needed) and costs $30 per cat or $55 per dog. If the animal needs a rabies vaccination, the owner may purchase a rabies tag for an additional $5.

To qualify for the Low-Cost Spay/Neuter program, pet owners must:

  • Make an advanced appointment by calling 636-949-7387.
  • Show proof of residency in St. Charles County (government-issued identification or utility bill accepted)
  • Show proof of need
  • Show proof of current rabies vaccination for each animal covered or update the animal's shot record at the time of the surgery.


A microchip can help ensure that a lost or missing pet is reunited with its family, even if tags are lost or removed. A microchip is a small transponder, about the size of a grain of rice, that is implanted just under the skin of a dog or cat (usually between the shoulder blades). The chip contains a registration number than can be scanned by veterinarians and animal shelters to help return the animal to its owner.

At the Pet Adoption Center, microchipping is offered for a $10 fee during regular business hours (no appointment necessary), and all pets adopted through the Pet Adoption Center are microchipped before they can be taken home. In addition, area veterinarians provide this service to their clients. Please call 636-949-7387 for more information.