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Need a speaker for your group's next meeting? Looking for a series of speakers to fill your annual calendar? We’ve got you covered!

St. Charles County can provide experts in a variety of topics to give engaging presentations about local government, public safety and a variety of other issues to neighborhood and business associations, civic groups and community organizations. Presentations can be tailored to meet your needs!

Here's how it works:

  1. Browse the list of topics below and/or browse our County Departments to find a topic of interest.
  2. Request a speaker by completing the online form.

County Speaker Topics
Interested in a topic that's not on the list? Let us know. We will work to find the perfect match for your group!

  • Assessor
    • Processes for determining property value; Recent trends in construction and property valuation.
  • Collector of Revenue 
    • The property tax process and importance of citizen engagement; Annual property tax sale.
  • Community Development
    • The Planning & Zoning process for development.
    • Stormwater management, water quality protection.
    • Housing and social assistance programs.
  • Department of Corrections
    • Operation, management, and facility improvements of the St. Charles County Jail.
  • Election Authority
    • How elections are run, the process of redistricting, and how to vote and participate in the electoral process.
  • Emergency Communications
    • Emergency Communications overview. The Department of Emergency Communications provides dispatching services for all fire and EMS agencies within St. Charles County, as well as the St. Charles County Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, and Department of Corrections.
  • Emergency Management
    • Preparing for emergency/disaster scenarios; Severe storm monitoring and storm sirens; How the Emergency Management team prepares for and coordinates response for disasters.
  • Executive
    • St. Charles County annual update
    • History of St. Charles County
  • Parks and Recreation
    • General parks development and parks services
    • Future park improvements and expansions
    • Special events, youth education and community programs
    • Historical sites, reenactments, and historical education
    • Dardenne Creek Blueway
  • Police Department
    • General police services overview
    • Active shooter scenario training
    • Crime scene processing
    • Criminal Interdiction Task Force (interagency enforcement aimed at vehicle thefts)
    • Cyber crime/cyber safety
    • DNA analysis and Criminalistic Laboratory
    • Special teams including SWAT, Bomb Disposal, and Air Support
    • K-9 teams in police services
  • Public Health
    • Overview of programs and services provided by the Department of Public Health
    • General health and safety topics
    • Epidemiology/Communicable disease investigations
    • Planning for public health emergencies, Individual/family preparedness
    • Humane Services/Pet Adoption Center
    • Environmental health
    • Recycling services
  • Prosecuting Attorney
    • Overview of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and its role in the criminal justice system.
  • Recorder of Deeds
    • Overview of the office’s duties and the documents recorded; Property Fraud Alert System; Searching records for genealogy; Marriage license issuance.
  • Regional Medical Examiner
    • Overview of the Medical Examiner’s Office and duties; Death investigations
  • Roads and Traffic
    • Transportation infrastructure planning and funding 
    • Traffic flow management and the Gateway Green Light initiative
    • Roadway safety initiatives
    • Bike-Walk initiative
  • Sheriff’s Department
    • History, duties and operations of the St. Charles County Sheriff's Department – Court security, prisoner transport, and serving civil process notices.
    • Bomb detection K-9 and handler, and their role in Courthouse security.