Route N - Phase 4

This project involves the widening of South Point Prairie Road between Peruque Valley Park and Route N. Proposed improvements include:

  • Reconstruct, widen, and realign the existing roadway of South Point Prairie Road.
  • New 2-lane roadway with 12-foot lanes and 6-foot shoulders.
  • Widen roadway for the portion between Jackson Road and Sams Creek; other portions of South Point Prairie Road to be fully reconstructed, except at Jackson Road, where improvements were recently constructed.

The project is fully funded by the St. Charles County’s ½-cent Transportation Sales Tax. The engineering design consultant is Horner & Shifrin and the project is estimated to cost approximately $4.5 million..

Contact Chris Bostic, Engineering Design Manager, at 636-949-7305 or, with questions about the project. 

Current Phase

Right-of-Way and easement acquisition work is still underway and will continue well into 2022. The design consultant will be updating the Final Construction Plans to better match the adjacent projects to provide a uniform roadway corridor. Bidding is likely sometime in the middle of 2023 as soon as right-of-way has been cleared.

Updated 5/4/23

Project Location Map