Law Enforcement Resources

Request for Service

The St. Charles County Cyber Crime Task Force is tasked primarily with conducting the forensic analysis of computers suspected to contain evidence of crimes and assisting detectives in conducting investigations in which computers are involved.

All evidence submitted for examination must have the following items:

Failure to include this documentation will cause a delay in processing the request.


Please contact the Cyber Crime Task Force to discuss the request and then, based on this information, carefully complete and submit the following forms according to the type of assistance needed.

Requests for onsite assistance are accepted on a case-by-case basis, regardless of which law enforcement agency in the Cyber Crime Task Force's service area made the request. The Cyber Crime Task Force prioritizes each case according to the nature of the crime.

For assistance with a search or field examination, submit this form to the Cyber Crime Task Force with a minimum of 48 hours to one week in advance. Specify whether a seizure of computers/media or an onsite examination is required, and include a copy of the search warrant or other legal authority (e.g. consent form) that authorizes the seizure or collection of the digital evidence with the form. The Cyber Crime Task Force also uses the Request for Service form to monitor and track cases.



Any law enforcement agency in the Cyber Crime Task Force's service area may ask the task force to conduct training for their personnel about the proper techniques to preserve computer and computer-related evidence during a seizure. Simply submit a request and upon receipt, a task force official will follow up with the requesting agency.