Planning Your Trip


It is recommended that students plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled program time. This will allow time for a restroom break, to review site rules and to divide into smaller groups, if necessary.


Parking is free for buses and chaperones. Buses drivers should drop students off near the path that leads to the gift shop. An interpretive guide will meet your group and provide direction. Bus parking is at the back of the parking lot.


Payment is due before arrival and can be made by cash, credit card or a check made out to St. Charles County. Upon request, invoices can be sent at the time the reservation is made Confirmation of the number of students is due one week prior to the tour. Any additional students will need to pay upon arrival. Please reconfirm the total number of students, teachers and chaperones in attendance when checking in at the gift shop.


Check in is in the gift shop. Teachers, please have students wait outside the gift shop while one teacher checks in the group. Students may use restrooms at the Pavilion prior to the tour.

Eating Facilities

The Historic Daniel Boone Home encourages all schools to enjoy the grounds by packing a picnic lunch. There are several picnic tables in a designated area, open green space and a covered pavilion for schools to use while visiting. Please dispose of all trash before leaving. Extra trash bags are available upon request.

Gift Shop

Students are welcome to browse in the gift shop. A pricing list is available to help prepare students who want to shop. This list will be sent with tour confirmations.

  • Please allow only students who will be using the restroom or shopping inside the gift shop.
  • The gift shop is small in size and cannot accommodate a large number of students, so no more than 10 students can be in the shop at one time.
  • Once a student makes his/her purchase, he/she is requested to leave the gift shop so other students or visitors can enter.

Proper Attire

Programs at The Historic Daniel Boone Home require a substantial amount of walking both indoors and outdoors. We recommend students wear comfortable walking shoes and bring an umbrella in case of rain.


The Historic Daniel Boone Home's first and second floors are accessible by wheelchair. The third floor is accessible only by stairs. For programs in the village, please be aware that most pathways are gravel and most buildings have stairs. Should you have a student in a wheelchair, please notify us prior to your scheduled program so accommodations can be made.

Inclement Weather

Because programs are conducted inside and outside, changes in the weather may affect plans. For the standard program, we recommended students wear rain gear and bring umbrellas if rain is in the forecast. For the pioneer skills program, outdoor stations may be moved to indoors.


Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel a reservation. However, cancellations cannot be made the day of the scheduled program. If you call after regular office hours (5 p.m.), please leave a message with the school's name, a contact name and a phone number for a return call.


The Historic Daniel Boone Home welcomes chaperones and we are grateful for their participation. Chaperones help the tour stay on time, guide children and provide insight.

For the standard school program, one chaperone per every 10–15 students is recommended.

For the Pioneer Skills school program, one to two chaperones per station is recommended.

Helpful Tips for Chaperones

To ensure a successful trip, The Historic Daniel Boone Home offers this list of ways chaperones can use during the school field trip.

  • Please help the group stay together. Groups will be moving around the site at a quick pace, and chaperones provide great assistance keeping the group together and on time.
  • Be an escort to students needing to use the restroom while on tour. Students are not allowed to walk the grounds alone. Chaperones must escort children to the restroom if the group is on tour.
  • Assist the tour guide in making certain the rules are followed. This is especially important for large school groups.
  • Please turn cell phones to vibrate or off during the school program. They can be distracting for students.
  • Smoking, drinking and eating are prohibited inside all historic buildings. Please assist us in making certain food and drinks are left outside the buildings and that drinks are tightly closed.
  • Encourage students to ask questions and participate. The more you are involved, the more the students will be.
  • Please keep conversations to a minimum. They can interrupt the program and distract students.