Educational Programs

The Historic Daniel Boone Home brings history to life for students and gives them an appreciation of what living was like on the American Frontier. The Boone Home staff and volunteers strive to provide an educational environment for students to enhance learning received in the classroom. The site currently provides two educational programs that range in length from 90 minutes to two hours, along with Boy and Girl Scout programs. The Boone Home also has numerous picnic tables that teachers, students and scout troops are welcome to use.

For more information or to schedule your school or scout program, call 636-949-7535 or email Parks.

The Standard School Program

The standard school program provides a specialized 90-minute curriculum on the Historic Daniel Boone Home and three buildings from the historic village. The program focuses on the Boone family history and life on the frontier. Students view three levels of the four-story Boone Home and three buildings of their choice in the village. Buildings available for viewing are the schoolhouse, woodworker's shop, Old Peace Chapel, detached kitchen, general store, grist mill and home of Squire Boone. This program also is available for Boy and Girl Scout groups with a reservation.

Admission: $5 per student and any accompanying adult. One free adult admission per 20 students.

The Pioneer Skills School Program

The Pioneer Skills School program provides students and teachers with a unique "minds on" approach to learning about Daniel Boone and life of the frontier. The program consists of four stations chosen by the teacher. Each station is 20 minutes, with the entire program lasting approximately two hours. Stations are offered in a variety of subjects including math, science, social studies, language arts, geography and art.

Admission: $7.50 per student and any accompanying adult. One free adult admission per 20 students.

Homeschool Day

May 30, 2019 and Aug. 28, 2019
Specifically designed for home-schooled students, Homeschool Day offers frontier games, candle dipping, black powder demonstrations, and much more. Visitors are welcome to bring a sack lunch and enjoy the outdoor setting.

Admission: Students $5, Adults (18 and older) $5, Children 4 and under are free. One free adult per three students.