Hiking / Biking Trails 

Towne Park is home to both paved and natural-surface trails that provide visitors with a great place to bike or hike on predominantly flat terrain. The 2.2 mile stretch of natural-surface trail takes guests through the beautifully scenic cedar woods and nearby prairies. A 1 3/4 mile paved trail circles the park’s large fishing pond and winds around the outskirts of the park to the former “Pink Plantation” homestead on park property.

To avoid extensive damage, trails may be open to foot traffic only during freeze/thaw conditions. Please read more about the negative effects freeze/thaw conditions have on natural-surface trails.

To learn the status before you visit a park, please call the Parks Department at 636-949-7475.

Trail Rules / Etiquette

  • Respect the trails - Please dispose of waste and litter to protect trail environment.
  • Share the trail. Quail Ridge Park trails are open to hiking and biking use.
  • Please remain on existing trails and do not create your own paths.
  • Move to the right to allow faster trail users to pass.
  • When passing other trial users, provide adequate warning and reduce speed.
  • Do not use trails during rain or when paths are wet and muddy.
  • Dogs must remain on-leash at all times while on the trail.