Nonconforming Use Determination Permit

How Do I Apply?

When is a Nonconforming Use Determination Permit Required?

A nonconforming use permit provides an official determination by St. Charles County that a specific use, whether of open land or operated within a building, was lawfully established but no longer conforms to the County’s current zoning regulations (Chapter 405 of the Unified Development Ordinance). The concept of nonconforming uses is sometimes referred to as “grandfathered”. The County’s nonconforming use regulations recognize the rights of property owners to continue a nonconforming use so long as it remains otherwise lawful and is not discontinued or destroyed. The County does not require nonconforming use permits, but property owners may choose to take out such permits for mortgage lending and other purposes.


Please contact the St. Charles County Planning and Zoning Division at 636-949-7335 or email Planning & Zoning Division.