Natural Watercourse Permit

How Do I Apply?

Please visit the Land Development & Zoning Applications section of our Citizenserve Citizen Access Portal.

When is a Natural Watercourse Permit Required?

For any disturbances to streams, creeks, watercourses and their required vegetated buffers per Article VI of the County Ordinances. If the proposed project causes a land disturbance exceeding 5,000 sq.ft., then application should be made as a Land Disturbance Permit. The natural watercourse/vegetated buffer permit will be issued with the land disturbance permit.

A Floodplain Development Permit application will also be required in addition to this permit application where any portion of the project is located within the regulated flood plain.

For further information on codes please visit our Watercourse Protection page.

Special Application Information, Fees & Plan Review

  • Submit plans, as appropriate, to show the impacts to the watercourse and buffer ( stream crossings shall include drainage areas and topographic information, profiles, temporary and permanent sediment and erosion protection, and construction details for the culvert/bridge/utility crossing)
  • Engineering Calculations required for any proposed structures or impacts to stream channel

There are no fees for a Natural Watercourse Permit.


Please contact the St. Charles County Development Review Division at 636-949-1814 or email Development Review.