Applying For Care Trak

Law enforcement officer demonstrating the Care Trak telemetry systemA joint project between the police and health departments, Care Trak is open to qualifying St. Charles County residents. To be eligible, individuals must:

  • Be medically diagnosed with a condition that has resulted in or is recognized to be at risk for wandering. These conditions include Alzheimer’s disease, autism, dementia and other developmental disabilities.
  • Be under continuous, 24-hour supervision by an adult caregiver.
  • Not have the ability to drive themselves, nor have available access to a vehicle.
  • Have a caretaker that is committed to conducting daily transmitter checks and bi-monthly battery updates.

For registration information or to begin an application, caregivers should contact the St. Charles County Division of Health Services at 636-949-7400. Once an application has been submitted and approved, the individual and their caregiver will come to the Department of Public Health at 1650 Boone’s Lick Road in St. Charles to be outfitted for the transmitter and enrolled.

Program Fee

There is a one-time registration fee of $300 with the program enrollment and an ongoing battery replacement fee every two months. The battery replacement fee is currently $6 every two months or $36 annually. These fees include membership in the program, a waterproof transmitter, battery and tamper-resistant bands to house the unit.