Special Event Reservations

Thank you for looking into hosting a special event at a St. Charles County Park. As of June 5, 2015, the parks department offers groups or individuals the opportunity to host special events in our parks. Special events are events organized and planned by citizens or organizations for a specific recreation activity, like a run or charity walk in the park. Fees and a damage deposit will vary based on the impact your special event will have on the park and other guests in the park..

To request a reservation for a special event, please do the following: 

  1. Contact the parks department at our main office by calling 636-949-7535, at least 60 days prior to the desired special event date.
  2. Ask park staff to email you a Special Authorization Form, which request detailed information about your event. A Special Authorization Form must be filled out and returned to us before any special event is considered.
  3. Return the Special Authorization form as soon as possible by scanning it and email Parks, faxing it to 636-949-7538, or dropping it off to our reservation specialist at our administrative office located at 201 N. Second St. – Suite 510, St. Charles, MO 63301. 
  4. Once we receive the Special Authorization Form a member of our staff will enter the special event reservation request into our reservation system.
  5. At that time, the individual or group that wants to host the event will need to pay a $100 holding fee. If your special event reservation request is denied during this process, or a contract agreement is not reached, we will refund the $100 holding fee.
  6. After we review your special authorization form with details about your special event request, a contract will be sent notifying the individual or organization of the fees and damage deposit that will be charged to host the special event in our park.  
  7. Once the contract is agreed to and returned to the individual or group wanting to host the special event in our park, you will have five days to make full payment of both the damage deposit and rental fee, unless other arrangements/timeline are stipulated in the contract. With a signed contract in place, if full payment is not made by the five day deadline, the $100 holding charge will not be refunded.
  8. Prior to and after the event, a designated park staff will review with the individual or group that hosted the special event at the park, the condition of the area of the park used. If everything checks out, the damage deposit refund process will begin.