Winter Weather Dangers

At some point each winter, St. Charles County residents will face threats from cold temperatures and deteriorating conditions.

Winter Weather Advisories

Winter Storm Watch means a winter storm is possible in the affected area. Listen for NOAA Weather Alerts for additional information and review winter safety preparedness plan.

Winter Storm Warning means a winter storm will soon be in the affected area. Remain in a safe location if possible or follow your winter safety preparedness plan. Take precaution to remain dry and warm by dressing in layers and using extreme caution when traveling.

Frost/Freeze Warning means below freezing temperatures are expected in the affected area. This may cause hazards to people and animals and may damage plants and crops.

Blizzard Warning means strong winds, heavy/blinding snow and extremely cold temperatures are expected in the affected area. Locate emergency supplies and avoid transportation unless required. If travel is necessary, alert someone to your destination and route.

Cold Weather Health Dangers

Hypothermia occurs when the body’s temperature falls below normal and impacts brain function. Warning signs include extreme shivering, confusion, slurred speech, slow breathing and a weak pulse, drowsiness or low energy, and bright red, cold skin. If you notice any of these signs and the body temperature is lower than normal, begin warming the person with warm blankets, beverages and shelter. Seek medical attention.

Frostbite is the actual freezing of body parts and is usually indicated by numbness and white, blue or greyish skin. If left untreated, frostbite can lead to the loss of fingers, toes or other affected areas. Seek immediate medical attention for cases of frostbite and gradually warm the affected areas while seeking this assistance.

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