Public Health Preparedness Planning and Response

Through ongoing cooperation between federal, state, regional and local agencies, St. Charles County has developed surveillance and response capabilities designed to protect the population in the event of a natural or man-made public health emergency. In the event of a large scale public health incident or a biological terrorism incident, life-saving medications and other resources will be provided for all individuals in our area at time of the incident at no cost.

Health and emergency management officials have created a response plan involving many organizations and individuals to efficiently distribute these materials throughout the community. Special emphasis has been placed on planning and coordination to provide specific healthcare resources (a Strategic National Stockpile) within hours of the incident that will assist county residents and visitors. In addition to providing residents with potentially life-saving medical resources, first response teams (police, fire, ambulance and others) are trained to control the source of various potential incidents.

Points of Dispensing

This response plan calls for medications and other resources to be distributed through mass audience Point of Dispensing (POD) sites that are strategically located throughout St. Charles County. The exact location of these sites will be distributed when needed, but they are chosen for their ability to conveniently provide necessary materials in the fastest means possible. Should the need ever arise to enact this plan and establish these POD sites, local media outlets, this website and other community resources will be a source for locating these sites.

In addition to these POD sites open to the mass public, several area organizations have partnered with St. Charles County to distribute their materials directly to their members in an effort to lessen the burden on these other sites. St. Charles County Emergency Preparedness staff is interested in speaking with any organization that involves more than 250 members and offers medical assistance to members about their interest in becoming a “closed POD” site. Please call 636-949-7400 if your organization would be interested in learning more about this program.