Permanent Food Establishments

A permanent food establishment is a business that sells or gives away food to the public at a fixed location for more than 14 consecutive days. These are operations that store, prepare, package, serve, vend food directly to the consumer or otherwise provide food for human consumption. Examples of these types of facilities are restaurants, satellite or catered feeding locations, grocery stores, catering operations that provide food directly to the consumer or a conveyance used to transport people, institutions or food banks. Review our FAQs for more information.

Food Establishment Inspections and Results

To help customers discover establishments’ food service inspection ratings, the department has placed a QR code on permit stickers that are posted at entry doors, drive-thru windows or other convenient locations. Customers can use smart phones equipped with downloaded applications to scan these codes and view an establishment’s ratings.  Alternatively, customers may visit the Know the Score website to view these ratings. The division inspects all permanent and temporary food service establishments in St. Charles County, except those located within the City of St. Peters (which conducts its own inspections).

Currently licensed permanent food establishments in St. Charles County
Please choose Food Service Establishment (Permanent) in the Sub Type menu. Then press Submit to view all establishments (in alphabetical order) with a current permit.

New Establishments or Changing Ownership

All permanent food establishments in St. Charles County must be licensed and approved by the Division of Environmental Health and Protection prior to opening to the public. Owners interested in opening a new establishment or individuals who take over new ownership of a currently licensed establishment should contact the division to complete the Plan Review process. For information, please call 636-949-1800.

Food Program Fees