Building & Planning Services

  1. Building Permit Information

    St. Charles County Building Division officers seek to identify and prevent all hazards related to the design, erection, repair, removal, demolition, or use and occupancy of buildings, structures, and premises in unincorporated areas.

  2. Codes, Ordinances & Procedures

    The Community Development Department is regulated by ordinances and procedures.

  3. Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance Complaint

    Neighborhood Preservation Division (commonly referred to as "Code Enforcement" in other communities) handles complaints about the general condition of residential and commercial property and buildings.

  4. Land Development Permits & Zoning Application Info

    Access information and applications for various land development and zoning permits.

  5. Neighborhood Improvement District (NID)

  6. Subdivision Development

    For the purpose of present and future development of the County of St. Charles and for the promotion of public health, safety, and welfare of persons living within the territory governed, the provisions and regulations hereinafter contained shall govern subdividers and the subdividing and platting of lands lying within the area of jurisdiction of the County of St. Charles.