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A Message from the County Executive

Technology makes life easier. We can buy just about anything online instead of driving to a retail outlet. We make fewer trips to the gas station because our cars are more fuel efficient. In an emergency, we have the ability to call 911 from cell phones instead of relying on landlines. All of this is fantastic – but you may be surprised to know that these technological advances have created new challenges for government in a growing county like ours...Read more
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Joann Leykam
Director of Administration
Jennifer George
Assistant Director of Administration
John Greifzu
Assistant Director of Administration
  1. Missouri Supreme Court Rejects Appeal of Red Light Camera Charter Amendment

    On Tuesday, May 30, the Missouri Supreme Court denied the plaintiffs’ application to transfer the case that challenged the constitutionality of the St. Charles County Charter Amendment prohibiting light cameras throughout St. Charles County... Read on...
  2. Deer Creek Drive to Close Between Highway P and Fawn Creek Starting June 26

    The St. Charles County Highway Department will close Deer Creek Drive between Highway P and Fawn Creek Drive beginning Monday, June 26, 2017, to allow for removal and replacement of a deteriorated culvert. Read on...
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