Special Actions

General Executions / Replevins
These court orders allow the Sheriff to seize your personal or real property in order to resolve a monetary or property judgment awarded by the court. Pursuant to Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMO) 57.280 this office requires a financial responsibility waiver (visit - 101 Sheriff Dierker Court - or contact - 636-949-3010 - Civil Process to obtain) to accompany any general executions requesting vehicle seizures.

If real property is placed under levy a separate check is required for recording of the levy.

Once a judgment is rendered under a landlord-tenant or unlawful detainer action, there is generally a 10-day appeal time limit that must pass before the Sheriff can assist in the eviction.

A request must be made to the court to obtain a rent and possession execution for the eviction process (PDF) to begin.

Service Information
In order to know if your document has been served, you may either call our office at 636-949-3010 during regular business hours of Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or check the Missouri Courts record system at Missouri Case.net.